Happy blog-iversary to me!

Yesterday was officially three years since I started writing this blog. Though my posts have tapered off both in how often I write and in the “educational value” I was hoping to provide, I’m hoping to change both of those things this year.

Since things are going well for me right now, the plan is to write more about mental illness in general and not as much about what’s going on with me daily (though of course there will still be plenty of that). I know I’ve said this before, but this time it’s for real. From some of the emails I’ve been getting, people are actually getting something from this blog (hooray!), so I want to make sure I am really putting something out there that’s useful.

Something to look forward to, hopefully starting this week 🙂


[Edit: Feb 2 — I realized I wrote it had been two years, but really it’s been three! I guess time flies when you’re having mania 🙂 ]


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