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This is a site about manic depression, also known as bipolar affective disorder, from my experience as a 28-year-old Canadian who has been diagnosed for about seven years as bipolar II (more on that specificity later). Seven years diagnosed, but almost a lifetime of dealing with being mentally ill, whether I knew that’s what it was or not.

I prefer to think of myself as suffering from bipolar, rather than being bipolar, as I really don’t think this illness defines me. It’s a part of my life — a major part of my life, granted… okay, the major part of my life — but I’m so much more than just a manic-depressive.

Through this blog, I’d like to show that mental illness doesn’t have to define a person as “crazy.” I’m the person sitting next to you on the bus, standing behind you in line at the bank, or working across the office from you. I’m just a normal person with an abnormal mind.

For now, you can call me “Alice.” As I become more comfortable here, I’d like to eventually reveal myself in a much less anonymous way.

Welcome to Bipolarland!

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