Please Remember…

… that I am not a doctor.

Any information I post on this blog is from my experience only, and does not constitute medical advice. My aim with this blog is to inform based on my diagnosis of bipolar II, and to provide information for those who think that they might have similar issues.

This is a blog about mental health — not a blog about my life. Please don’t email me and ask why I only talk about my illness. Please don’t think that what I write here is my entire life. This is just about how being bipolar affects me.


If you think you might be bipolar, or if you’re having a hard time and want someone to talk to, check out one of the following sites:

Centre for Addiction & Mental Health

Mood Disorders Society of Canada

Mental Health Canada

Canadian Mental Health Association

If you’re outside of Canada, here are a couple of useful websites:

Mental Help

World Health Organization — Mental Health

National Institute of Mental Health

If you are suicidal, please contact your nearest hospital, a friend, or call one of these suicide help lines:

Kids Help Phone — 1.800.668.6868

Distress Centres (Toronto) — 416.408.HELP (4357)

If you are in the U.S., the National Crisis Helpline can help you locate the nearest crisis service 1.800.999.9999.

No matter where you are in the world, check out to find a helpline near you.


Please also note that my information is based on Canadian services, as I am based in Toronto.

I wish you all excellent mental health.

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